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Title Beginning JSON
Edition 1st
Year 2015
Author Ben Smith
ISBN 9781484202036 (978-1-4842-0203-6)
Publisher Apress
Abstract Beginning JSON is the definitive guide to JSON - JavaScript Object Notation - today's standard in data formatting for the web. The book starts with the basics, and walks you through all aspects of using the JSON format. Beginning JSON covers all areas of JSON from the basics of data formats to creating your own server to store and retrieve persistent data. Beginning JSON provides you with the skill set required for reading and writing properly validated JSON data. The first two chapters of the book will discuss the foundations of JavaScript for those who need it, and provide the necessary understandings for later chapters. Chapters 3 through 12 will uncover what data is, how to convert that data into a transmittable/storable format, how to use AJAX to send and receive JSON, and, lastly, how to reassemble that data back into a proper JavaScript object to be used by your program. The final chapters put everything you learned into practice.
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