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Title Solving Algebraic Computational Problems in Geodesy and Geoinformatics
Edition 1st
Year 2005
Author Joseph L. Awange, Erik W. Grafarend
ISBN 354023425X, 9783540268628, 9783540234258
Publisher Springer
Abstract The book presents modern and efficient methods for solving Geodetic and Geoinformatics algebraic problems using computer algebra techniques of Ring, polynomials, Groebner basis, resultants, Gauss-Jacobi combinatorial and Procrustes algorithms. Although these problems are traditionally solved by approximate methods, this book presents alternative algebraic techniques based on computer algebra tools. This new approach meets such modern challenges as resection by laser techniques, solution of orientation in robotics, transformation and bundle block adjustment in geoinformatics, densification of engineering networks, analytical solution for GPS-meteorology and many other problems. For mathematicians the book provides some practical examples of abstract algebra application and multidimensional scaling.
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