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Title GIS for Web Developers
Edition 1st
Year 2007
Author Scott Davis
ISBN 0974514098 (0-9745140-9-8)
Publisher Pragmatic Bookshelf
Abstract There is a hidden revolution going on: geography is moving from niche to the mainstream. News reports routinely include maps and satellite images. More and more pieces of equipment cell phones, cars, computers now contain Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers. Many of the major database vendors have made geographic data types standard in their flagship products.""GIS for Web Developers"" introduces Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in simple terms and demonstrates hands-on uses. With this book, you'll explore popular websites like, see the technologies they use, and learn how to create your own. Written with the usual Pragmatic Bookshelf humor and real-world experience, ""GIS for Web Developers"" makes geographic programming concepts accessible to the common developer.This book will demystify GIS and show you how to make GIS work for you. You'll learn the buzzwords and explore ways to geographically-enable your own applications. GIS is not a fundamentally difficult domain, but there is a barrier to entry because of the industry jargon. This book will show you how to ""walk the walk"" and ""talk the talk"" of a geographer.You'll learn how to find the vast amounts of free geographic data that's out there and how to bring it all together. Although this data is free, it's scattered across the web on a variety of different sites, in a variety of incompatible formats. You'll see how to convert it among several popular formats including plain text, ESRI Shapefiles, and Geography Markup Language (GML).With this book in hand, you'll become a real geographic programmer using the Java programming language. You'll find plenty of working code examples in Java using some of the many GIS-oriented applications and APIs. You'll be able to: Find free sources of GIS data on the webBrowse GIS data using open source desktop viewersManipulate GIS data programmaticallyStore and retrieve data using geographically-enabled databasesExplore free web toolkits like Google MapsPublish and consume web services using Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) interfaces
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