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Title Geolocation in iOS
Edition 1st
Year 2012
Author Alasdair Allan
ISBN 1449308449, 9781449308445
Publisher O'Reilly Media
Abstract Take advantage of iPhone and iPad sensors and advanced geolocation technologies to build state-of-the-art location applications. In this concise hands-on guide, author Alasdair Allan ("Learning iOS Programming") takes you deep inside Apple's Core Location framework, Map Kit, and other iOS tools, using illustrative examples and sample Objective-C code. Learn how to build location-aware apps for both iPhones and iPads, using code that detects hardware features and then adjusts your app's behavior. If you're a programmer with iOS experience, or a Mac developer familiar with Objective-C, this book helps you get off to a solid start in location-based app development. You'll learn about: Core Location: Understand the significant-change location service and geo-fencing capabilities Map Kit: Embed maps into your application's views Magnetometer: Use the on-board sensor as a digital compass Geocoding capabilities: Translate geographic coordinates into place names, and vice versa Heat maps: Get a code walkthrough for displaying these maps on top of a standard MapKit view Third-party SDKs: Add unique geo-location capabilities to your app from SkyHook Wireless, MapBox, and other providers
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